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Hey! My name is Marlana and I have been an Avon representative since 2006! Keep up with my latest news at I grew up with my mom always ordering from the local Avon lady and my childhood days were filled with Avon lip balms and shaped soaps. Those created great memories for me and Avon has such a great reputation with their philanthropic Avon Foundation (which raises money for breast cancer research and domestic violence agencies), not to mention quality products. Maybe you are new to Avon and are just discovering our products, or maybe you are coming back to the company after not purchasing for years -- either way I am here to help! Please let me know if you have a question on an item or are looking for a particular product that we used to carry or a product that would meet your needs today -- I am more than willing to help. And if you, yourself, are interested in becoming an Avon representative I can help you with that as well. I look forward to sharing many happy Avon memories with you!

Take care!


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